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We are optimizing ideation process and planning with the support of a digital twin. Design construction sites or the entire city digitally and simulate their characteristics virtually. Plan, simulate and engineer the site digitally. Evaluate and assess the performance of real infrastructure like building, bridges, tunnels etc. in real-time and order to optimize all continuously. This is only possible with a holistic approach like Tunnelware and Cityware provided by DigitalTwin Technology.

Digital twin of construction sites.

Tunnelware is a VaaS (Virtuality as a Service) for tunnel construction industry to manage the construction process while managing the data generated by various sensors and human interaction. With a focus on reducing cost and waste, and increasing productivity, the system will improve the construction process at every stage, delivering “faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable tunnels.

Digital twin of smart cities.

Cityware is a digital twin of your city to monitor the infrastructure on real-time, simulate the real situation in the virtual world. Completely under GDPR regulation with no video streaming.

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